STAR PRIMA Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and has been growing steadily with the success of public / financial / communication / research projects. L&BO BU STAR PRIMA Co., Ltd. is a company that accumulates technology related to finished lubricants, base oil and lubricant materials, which are composed of research technicians from domestic LG and SK.

스타프리마㈜ 2010년 설립아래 공공/금융/통신/연구분야 프로젝트의 성공적인 수행으로 지속적인 성장을 해 왔습니다. 스타프라마㈜ L&BO BU는 국내 LG, SK 출신의 연구 기술진들로 구성된 Lubricants 완제품 기술과 Base Oil 및 윤활원료 등의 관련기술을 축척하고 있는 기업입니다.

Company Overview

Company Name : STAR PRIMA
CEO : Choi Jin Hyuk
Date of
: June 7, 2010
Business ..1. Application development of raw materials for Industrial & Special Lubricants, Special Base Oil & Lubricant
..2. Development of special high performance transformer insulating oils
..3. Application of refinery & petro chemical process residues and high value-added products
..4. CO2 emission business – CO2 Emission Credit Business & Environmental Friendly business
Address : 514-2 Star valley, 99, Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone : TEL. 02-6338-1085~7 | Fax. 02-6338-1088
..L&BO BU  TEL. 02-6338-1085

Ceo Message

We will grow into a leading company in the new lubricant market of domestic and overseas advanced technology with accumulated technology of lubricating oil products and raw materials ”
Please check the accumulated L & BO technology, plant consulting ability and business know-how of STAR PRIMA Co., Ltd. and watch the new growth with bigger vision.
All of our employees will always give growth and satisfaction to our customers, and as a good business partner, we will do our best efforts as a leader of L & BO business.
Thank you.




Star Prima L&BO BU is doing business with leading foreign global  companies.

– Development and production / supply / sales of special lubricants and base oils
– Provide high value-added ‘A-class’ genuine products with various kinds of waste lubricating oil, waste insulation oil, and waste oil by the latest technology, technology / plant / consulting
– Supply and sale of newly developed various special lubricants, insulating oil and base oil for transformer
– Joint venture with local partners / Consortium / Marketing and Sales / Distribution Sales


We are expanding our business by securing the overseas & domestic distributorship of major domestic leading  lubricants corporations and special unique lubricants manufacturers.


We are operating the company successfully with systematic management of the organization.