Base Oil

We supply high-quality base oil and premium grade of lubricants that account for more than 80% of the finished products

윤활유 완제품의 80% 이상을 차지하는 고품질 윤활기유 및 특수기유를 공급합니다.

The lubricating oil sold by Star Prima Inc.
produced by residuals from the upgrade of refining process
and becomes the raw material of finished lubricating oil
for automobiles, vessels, and industries

Our lubricating oil is produced using oils from eco-friendly base oil such as Group Π 60Netral, 70Netral, 150Netral, 500Netral which meet API (American Petroleum Association) standards that require highly refined technology, and is used in domestic and foreign car/shipbuilding engine oil and industrial lubricating oil finished product manufacturing plants, which are the raw oil for industrial oil required by various industries.

60N C.O.A
70N C.O.A
150N C.O.A
500N C.O.A

60N oil is a high-quality base oil produced by DEWAXING and HYDROGENATION processes using HYDRO WAX which produced through various processes, and is used as a raw material such as Process oil. In particular, it will perform well in the high-quality insulated oil (transformer Oil) market where low flow points are required.