Plant & Engineering

We provide technical Enginering, consulting and expertise accumulated in the plant engineering business which requires a lot of know-how, xperiences and advanced technology.

많은 노하우와 첨단기술이 요구되는 플랜트 엔지니어링사업에 축적된 기술과 전문적인 컨설팅을 제공합니다.


Plant factory construction and remodeling

The plant construction and remodeling business is a business that requires a lot of know-how and advanced technology. Based on our know-how and technology accumulated over many years, STAR PRIMA will build an optimized plant factory by utilizing air compliance, advanced process management techniques and various construction methods.

– New business for insulating oil production plant for industrial transformer
– Recycling of waste oil from refineries Engineering business for high value-added facilities
– Providing technical consulting and technology for new plant and factory

Domestic manufacturing factory (joint venture) new construction business

We will construct and optimize the manufacturing factory by throughly investigating the environment and the real estate development business to build the manufacturing factory in consideration of the local area and surrounding environment. We also provide excellent operational know-how for our production plants based on excellent technology and resources.

– Produce high value-added new products using waste resources
– Recycling plant construction business (waste lubricating oil, waste insulation oil, waste oil, etc.)


Lubricant business consulting offer

We provide high-quality consulting services based on accumulated experience and technology in all areas of lubricant business accumulated over many years.
In order to create value for our customers, we provide professional consulting services through specialized consultants in each field.

– Provide recycling technology of waste lubricating oils
– Provision of processing technology for high value-added products through optimized facilities
– Provide production  technology (KNOW HOW TRANSFER)
– Providing genuine product manufacturing technology through existing facilities and some remodeling in each country

New business using WASTE RESIDUES GAS

Used & Waste Residues Used Locally Production and sales of high-value-added products utilizing FEED